We help business leaders gain clarity and build resilience in their work.

We help business leaders gain clarity and build resilience in their work.

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You’ve worked tirelessly to build a successful business, but despite all the progress are you still stuck in the day-to-day grind?

What if there was a way for you to build a business that allows you to work on it, not in it?

A business that just works so that you can focus on the bigger picture and the elements of your business that you are genuinely passionate about.

Through the use of Resilient Business Coaching, using the ADAPT Framework, we can guide you throughout your entire journey to build a solid foundation for business success.

Our Services

Resilient Business Coaching

Taking you on a ‘deep dive’ into your business to ensure it is everything you want it to be and more!

Using the ADAPT by Design’s proven process, we take a journey together to build resilience in your business. 

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Individual Coaching and Mentoring

How often have you doubted your own ability, stifling any chance of success?  Or have you got such a big picture, that you don’t know the steps to take to make your vision a reality?

As a coach I provide guidance to help you with your goals and help to reach your full potential, while as a mentor I share my knowledge, skills and/or experience for business development.

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For Purpose’ (NFP) Coaching & Mentoring

Managing a ‘For Purpose’ organisation takes vision, courage & determination. It also takes a high level of business acumen. Having a coach who understands what it takes, one that that is tossing out the old paradigm of ’not-for-profit’ and who can help shift into the new paradigm of ‘for purpose’!

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Our Approach

We draw on a rich stream of knowledge, principles and tools.

At Business EDGE we utilise specialist techniques to address some of the more deeply embedded patterns throughout your business and work closely with you as your guide throughout the entire journey.

By lifting these barriers and creating a safe space for you to explore options of growth, we empower you to mobilise natural resources, improve productivity and reshape your role in the business.

Why Coaching and Mentoring?

  • Having an accountability partner can help significantly while growing your business
  • Leading a team might not come naturally to you?
  • Self-doubt can stifle your progress
  • Sometimes as business owners we can get stuck
  • It is easy to think so big, that we can get lost in the steps to get there

What are the benefits
of Brain Training?

We offer the most advanced brain training technology in the world designed to optimise individual performance.

  • Improved sleep, focus and decision making
  • Less stress – both at work and at home
  • Developed leadership skills
  • Increased self-awareness and empathy
  • Greater motivation and increased energy
  • Increased creativity and productivity
  • Reconnection with one’s own innate strengths and talents

Julie Broad

Business has always fascinated me.  Watching the way my parents farmed, and in particular how my mother showed me a very resilient business brain behind their farming success.  I didn’t know it then, but she was to become my role model for my own determination and resilience.

With experience in various, across sector businesses which included working with two entrepreneurs, working for a big Corporate at Executive level, running three of my own businesses, one of which was a start-up and running two Not-For-Profits, and more recently working as a Small Business Advisor in Peel and South West, I am humbled to be in a position to coach and mentor businesses.


The richness of my business lessons and life’s learning’s has allowed me to share information and guide small business across the regions for the past three years.

Whilst there is a continual need for small business advisory, I started looking to the SME (Small Medium Enterprise) market and what I needed in my own for toolkit to support people deep dive further to enhance and sustain their businesses.

I was invited to attend an information session at ADAPT by Design in Perth. I had followed their journey over the past 8 years and was keen to see their offering knowing the founder Bill Withers, had a huge passion for the success of the SME sector.

Completing the training to become a ADAPT Resilient Business Coach Partner in 2020 will allow me to confidently continue my journey of assisting people to have the best businesses, to have the best people around them, and to see their vision become a sustainable reality using the ADAPT Foundations Program, a proven program for SME’s.

Learn more about Resilient Coaching and how it can help you develop and maintain your own brand of resilience today! Contact us below.

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